New golden balance "7: 3" ratio "200g Kameda persimmon seeds 6 bags"

From Kameda Seika's "Kameda Kaki no Tane" series, "200g (7.05oz) Kameda Kaki no Tane 6 bags" with a new golden balance "7: 3" ratio has been released. The estimated price is around 280 yen per bag (excluding tax).

During the period from October 1st to November 27th, 2019, regarding the ratio of persimmon seeds to peanuts, "I want to change Kameda. Conducted the campaign "Doubt the obvious! Referendum". As a result, of the total of 255,903 votes / applications, "Kaki no Tane 7: Peanuts 3" (* weight ratio) received the most support. The ratio of 2nd place is "8: 2" and the 3rd place is "6: 4".

Approximately three months after "Kaki no Tane 7: Peanuts 3" won the most votes, on March 5, 2020, finally from the conventional "Kaki no Tane 6: Peanuts 4" ratio, "Kaki no Tane 7: Decided to change to "Peanut 3". The "6: 4 Dissolution Declaration", which aims to be released in June 2020, has been announced.

Kameda Kaki no Tane "6: 4 Dissolution Declaration"

The newly released "Kameda Kaki no Tane 6 bags" has a new golden balance "7: 3" ratio. If you are a fan of persimmon seeds, why not check out the "new golden balance" with more persimmon seeds?