"Special set" where Funawa sweets arrive at home
Funawa's "special set"

From the long-established store "Funawa " in Asakusa, Tokyo, which is known for its Imo yokan, a limited number of "special sets" with a number of sweets have appeared. Contains "Imokenpi", "Imochippu", "Oimono pudding", and "Egg bolo".

Funawa was founded in 1902. Instead of the high-class Neri Yokan at that time, Imo Yokan was made and became popular so that the common people could eat it. Currently, in addition to Imo Yokan, we also carry a large number of Japanese and Western sweets made from potatoes.

Funawa's "special set"
Funawa's "Oimono Pudding"

This time, the menus that normally do not accept Internet orders are assorted and can be purchased from the official website. The selling price is usually 2,224 yen (tax included), but 1,512 yen. A separate shipping fee will be charged. The contents and expiration date are as follows.

・ 1 bag of potato kenpi (June 26)
・ One bag of potato chips (June 26)
・ 2 pieces of pudding (June 26)
・ One egg bolo (June 25th)

Eggs and milk are used as raw materials for Oimono pudding, and wheat is used in addition to eggs and milk for egg bolo. Due to the characteristics of the product, it may crack during transportation. In addition, paper is not attached.