Start To go at Kourakuen
To go starts at Kourakuen! Ramen too!

The To go service has started at the ramen chain "Kourakuen". You can take home various menus as well as noodles. For noodles and some dishes, a container fee of 60 yen will be charged in addition to the normal selling price.

Kourakuen has been selling the lunch menu "Kourakuen" since April. I enjoyed the taste of Kourakuen from 500 yen per coin, but Gyoza and fried rice were the main characters instead of ramen.

This To go service also targets noodles. Good news for those who want to enjoy Kourakuen ramen easily at home. However, please note that lunch and some menus are not covered. At Kourakuen, you can also use delivery services using apps such as "Uber Eats" and "Demae-can".

A campaign to commemorate the start of the To go service is also running until June 21st. If you follow Kourakuen's official Twitter account and retweet the target tweets, 20 people will win the "Kourakuen set at home" by lottery.

Start To go at Kourakuen
An additional container fee will be charged for noodles etc.

The set includes one each of "Ramen bowl", "Gyoza plate", "Fried rice plate", "Chopsticks & range", "Original brewed soy sauce", "Original pepper", "Original brewed vinegar", and "Original vinegar".