Osaka Ohsho Takeout Limited "Meat Attack Black Fried Rice" and "Meat Attack Yakisoba" for a limited time

At each gyoza specialty store "Osaka Osho" (excluding some stores), "Meat Attack Black Fried Rice" and "Meat Attack Yakisoba" will be on sale for a limited time only. It will be on sale from May 22nd in the eastern Japan area and from May 25th in the western Japan area. The sale period is until June 30th. The price is 797 yen each (excluding tax, the same applies below).

"Meat fried rice" is a dish that goes well with pork that is soft and fragrantly baked with a special sauce and rich black fried rice. "Meat-smashing Yakisoba" is a full-scale menu with yakisoba made with our proud sticky thick noodles and a heap of meat that does not easily decrease even if you eat it.

In addition, for those who "work without rest for the sake of the world," all products are a great free service with gratitude and ale. An offer is required when ordering.

* Business hours may change depending on the store.

The takeout of the Osaka Ohsho, perfect when you want to eat a lot. Recommended for those who want to eat plenty and gain strength.