Convenience store limited "Jagarico avocado cheese flavor bits"

From Calbee's "Jagarico bits" series, a new product "Jagarico Avocado Cheese Flavor bits" will be released on May 25th exclusively at convenience stores. The estimated price is around 115 yen (tax included).

The "Jagarico bits" series is shortened to a bite size without changing the pleasant texture of "Jagarico" sold in conventional cups, which is crispy at the beginning and crispy afterwards. The new product "Jagarico Avocado Cheese Flavor bits" allows you to enjoy the mellow flavor of avocado with rich cheese for an adult taste.

The package is a convenient stand pack package with a zipper that you can enjoy in an appropriate amount whenever you like. In the package design, the giraffe character "Hitokuchi Shoko" with a "short" hairstyle that represents the characteristics of the product appears.

"Jagarico Avocado Cheese Flavor bits" is packed with a zipper and is convenient for when you want to have a snack or to carry it around. "Jagarico" fans should check it out!