Mos Burger's "Green Burger"

At Mos Burger nationwide, "MOS PLANT-BASED GREEN BURGER", which uses vegetables and grains as the main ingredients without using animal ingredients as raw materials, will be released on May 21 (some stores). Except). The price is 538 yen (excluding tax).

"MOS PLANT-BASED GREEN BURGER" will be sold in advance at 9 stores in Tokyo and Kanagawa prefecture from March 26, 2020, and it is a popular product with an average of 30 or more sold per store on the first day. .. Since its release, there have been a lot of joyful voices about the commercialization of burgers that do not use animal ingredients, and there have been multiple requests for nationwide sales, and there has been a great response.

We develop products using vegetables and grains on the premise that we do not use animal ingredients (meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, etc.) and five scallions (leeks, scallions, leeks, garlic, onions) as raw materials. Combine the original patties with a tomato-based sauce and sandwich with green leaves, shredded lettuce, tomatoes and other vegetables in green buns. Patty is based on soybean-derived vegetable protein, with shiitake extract to add flavor, and konjac and cabbage to add texture and sweetness to achieve the same eating response as meat.

Mos Burger's "Green Burger"

The buns have a moist texture by adding soy milk cream in the form of butter. Spinach puree is kneaded in, and you can feel the slight sweetness of vegetables.

The tomato sauce, which has a texture of carrots and burdock, has several herbs and the richness of amazake as a secret ingredient. It is finished in a deep taste.

In addition, products containing animal ingredients are produced at each ingredient manufacturing factory, and the stores share cooking equipment with animal ingredients. Ingredients other than vegetables and grains are used as some auxiliary ingredients. Not a low allergen menu.

In line with the nationwide release of Green Burger, the Patty of the "Soy Patty" product has been changed to a newly developed Patty for Green Burger. You can choose the new "Soy Patty" instead of the meat Patty in the 11 standard products.