Meiji "Takenoko no Sato Black Mitsuki Nako Flavor"
Takenoko no Sato Black Mitsuki Nako Flavor

From the Meiji chocolate confectionery "Takenoko no Sato", the brand's first flavor "Takenoko no Sato Kuromitsuki Nako Flavor" will be released nationwide on May 26th. It is a crispy cookie with the richness of black honey and the aroma of soybean flour.

"Takenoko no Sato" was born in August 1979. As a brother brand of "Kinoko no Yama", which was born in September 1975, both have become long-selling products in the Meiji era. This time, the first black kinako flavor of the Takenoko no Sato brand has appeared.

In "Takenoko no Sato Kuromitsuki Nako Flavor", the crispy cookies peculiar to Takenoko no Sato are wrapped in two layers of white chocolate kneaded with black honey and kinako in two layers.

The rich flavor of black honey is combined with mellow milk chocolate so that you can enjoy the gentle sweetness. The content is 61g (2.15oz), and the estimated price is 200 yen (excluding tax).