Morinaga Aloe & Yogurt Mango Flesh Plus

From the "Morinaga Aloe Yogurt" series, a new product "Morinaga Aloe & Yogurt Mango Flesh Plus" will be released. Available nationwide from May 26th.

"Morinaga Aloe & Yogurt Mango Flesh Plus" is a cup yogurt mixed with aloe pulp and mango pulp. You can enjoy the texture of aloe and mango at the same time and abundantly. The combination of plump aloe mesophyll and mango flesh with a firm texture expresses a mellow texture.

The package is based on white and green, which is typical of the "Morinaga Aloe Yogurt" series. Mango is studded and the design is full of freshness.

The "Morinaga Aloe Yogurt" series, which celebrated its 26th anniversary in 2020. Under the brand concept of "providing the power and deliciousness of aloe, which is a healthy ingredient," we deliver the "fresh texture" of aloe and the "fresh taste" of yogurt.

The content is 140g (4.94oz) and the calories are 90kcal. The estimated price is 155 yen (excluding tax).