Morinaga & Co. "Pino (Minions Package)"

From Morinaga Milk Industry's "Pino" series, "Pino (Minions Package)" and "Pino Chocoa Sort (Minions Package)" will be released sequentially from the end of May. Limited quantity.

"Pino" is a bite-type ice cream in which smooth ice cream and chocolate that melts in your mouth melt in a perfect balance in your mouth.

The "Pino (Minions Package)" and "Pino Chocoa Sort (Minions Package)" packages are designed with the popular character "Minions" all over the world. Three types of designs with different characters and facial expressions will be developed. In addition, the individual wrapping film of "Pino Chocoa Sort (Minions Package)" has 24 different designs for each flavor, and you can choose and enjoy each grain. There are 3 types of chocolate assortment, "vanilla" (10 tablets), "almond flavor" (7 tablets), and "chocolate" (7 tablets), for a total of 24 tablets.

"Pino (Minions Package)" & "Pino Chocoa Sort (Minions Package)" are not to be missed by Minion fans. It seems that cute minions will liven up the snack time. As the quantity is limited, those who are interested should do so as soon as possible.