Tiny! Escape from the plague "Amabie Japanese sweets"
Amabie Japanese sweets are also available from Fukuoka's long-established store "Nyosuian"!

"Amabie Japanese sweets" made in the shape of the youkai "Amabie", hoping for the convergence of the new corona. It also appeared from Fukuoka's long-established Japanese sweets shop "Nyosuian". Suitable for gifts for people who can't meet even if they want to meet, as well as at home. It is handled at the direct sales site "Nyosuian Official Online Shop".

Escape from the plague of Josui-an "Amabie Japanese sweets"
Dora-yaki with Amabie branding iron

Josui-an is a long-established store that is said to have started making sweets during the Tensho era (1573-1591) during the Azuchi-Momoyama period. In the past, we have reviewed the Tasting of Fukuoka's famous confectionery "Tsukushi Mochi " from "Nyosui-an".

This time, two kinds of sweets were made that incorporate the Edo period youkai "Amabie", which is spreading on Twitter in hopes of ending the new coronavirus infection.

Escape from the plague of Josui-an "Amabie Japanese sweets"
Two kinds of sweets named after Amabie are now available

The price of 6 pieces of "Pesticide Dispersal Namagashi" is 1,820 yen (tax included, same below). This is a mail-order limited sweet. Two of each of the three types with different colors and shapes are packed together.

Escape from the plague of Josui-an "Amabie Japanese sweets"
Design picture of high quality sweets

"Amabie-sama" is a traditional namagashi that is expressed with a crafted stick while incorporating the characteristics of Amabie. Neri-kiri, which is blue and red, is wrapped in white Neri-kiri, then spread out and wrapped with red bean paste, which is then crafted to create shades of color.

Escape from the plague of Josui-an "Amabie Japanese sweets"
It will be finely modeled

"Princess Amabie" has a shape similar to a cute character, and there are many small parts, and usually four special parts made of two "wooden patterns" are used.

"Jizo-sama" is modeled after the Jizo Bodhisattva, who has a tradition of protecting people from the plague. Neri-kiri is added with sesame seeds to express the texture of the stone. The amulet is red as a talisman.

Escape from the plague of Josui-an "Amabie Japanese sweets"
Pretty "Amabie Dorayaki"

"Amabie Dorayaki" is 195 yen per piece. Since azuki beans have been tied to prevent disasters since ancient times, the azuki bean grains, which are limited to producers from Tokachi, Hokkaido, are sandwiched between the plump dough that is branded with the youkai Amabie, which is said to calm the plague.

Escape from the plague of Josui-an "Amabie Japanese sweets"
A grain bean is used after the legend of Azuki's apotropaic magic.

A separate shipping fee of 700 yen will be charged on the direct sales site of Josui-an. However, if you order 5,000 yen or more per destination, it will be half price nationwide, and if you order 10,000 yen or more, it will be free nationwide.