Moschino's "Whole ! Lemon Ginger Ale
Summer-only "Whole ! Lemon Ginger Ale

Mos Burger is now offering a limited time only drink, "Whole Lemon Ginger Ale". Lemon Ginger Ale" will be available. The fresh lemon will be made from Hiroshima Prefecture (other regions may be used depending on weather and availability), and the Setouchi Hassaku Lemon Ginger Ale, which was popular in 2019, will also be back on sale. Both will be available from May 21.

Both are part of a series of unique carbonated beverages that Moss has been developing since 2017 that combine fruit syrups. The contents and selling prices of the two new beverages are as follows. All prices are exclusive of tax.

Marugoto ! Lemon Ginger Ale

Mos Burger "Whole ! Lemon Ginger Ale".
Whole ! Lemon Ginger Ale

Marugoto ! Lemon Ginger Ale (with 0.5% hashaku juice)" is priced at 454 yen and available only in L-size cups from May 21 to mid-July.

A syrup made from Setouchi hashaku and lemon is mixed with ginger ale, and a whole lemon (domestic and foreign lemons are used at stores outside Hiroshima Prefecture), cut into wedges, is added to the syrup. The syrup is prepared by adding even the peel to preserve the pulp and flavor of the lemon. The "sando" of the hakusu is also left in the syrup to give it a crunchy texture, bitterness, and refreshing acidity. The acidity can be adjusted by crushing fresh lemon to taste.

Setouchi Hassaku Lemon Ginger Ale

Setouchi Hassaku Lemon Ginger Ale (made with 0.5% hasaku juice and 0.2% lemon juice) is available in small, medium, and large sizes for 213 yen, 269 yen, and 334 yen, respectively, from May 21 through mid-November.

This carbonated drink is made with Setouchi hassaku and lemon syrup, and is mixed with ginger ale. It will be back on sale due to the popularity of its limited-time appearance from May to September 2019. The last time honey was used for the syrup, but this time it has been changed to "san-onsugar" so that customers can enjoy the juices of the hhaxaku and lemon more. It is also available as a set menu drink.

In principle, all Mos Burger locations nationwide will carry the new drink, but some locations will be closed or have different business hours. Some stores may be closed, change their hours of operation, or discontinue sales of some menu items. We recommend that you check the official Mos Burger website for details.