Lawson "Purin Mochi Texture Roll"
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Introducing new arrival sweets that will be on sale from May 19th at each Lawson store. Here are 6 items in the lineup of interest. * Handling status varies depending on the region and store.

・ Raw pound cake-Raw pound cake-
One-handed sweets made by injecting cream into a soft and soft dough made from fresh cream. The cream contains Hokkaido mascarpone, so you can enjoy a deep richness. The price is 215 yen (tax included, same below).

Lawson "Raw Pound -Raw Pound Cake-"

· egg tart
A tart made by squeezing and baking 108 layers of crispy puff pastry with cream with a rich flavor of eggs. The French Lorraine rock salt used for the puff pastry is an accent. The price is 180 yen.

Lawson "Egg Tart"

・ Pudding mochi texture roll
A roll cake with pudding flavored cream, whipped cream, and caramel sauce wrapped in pudding-flavored chewy dough. It is cut into 6 pieces. The price is 350 yen.

Lawson "Purin Mochi Texture Roll"

・ Tangerine milk agar (using Hokkaido milk)
Sweets with sweet and sour oranges in milk agar that uses only Hokkaido milk. By using pasteurized sweetened condensed milk, it has a fresh taste like freshly squeezed. The price is 190 yen.

Lawson "Mikan milk agar (using Hokkaido milk)"

・ 1 tiramisu baumkuchen
Tiramisu-flavored baumkuchen with a moist texture. Two layers of Baumkuchen, cheese and cocoa, are soaked with coffee syrup. The price is 170 yen.

Lawson "1 Tiramisu Baumkuchen"

・ Rilakkuma glass bowl & white peach jelly 510g (17.99oz)
A product in which white peach jelly is set in a glass bowl designed with the character of Rilakkuma. There are two types of bowl designs. The price is 615 yen.

Lawson "Rilakkuma Glass Bowl & White Peach Jelly 510g"