My series official online shop "My EC"

My series official online shop "My EC" has expanded the deliverable area nationwide from May 14th (shipped on May 22nd). * Except for some delivery areas such as remote islands

The products we handle are "Croissant Bread Standard," "Croissant Bread Lamb Raisin," "Croissant Bread Premium," and "Croissant Bread 3 Kinds Set," which are sold exclusively at my Bakery & Cafe Matsuya Ginza Ura. With the nationwide expansion of the delivery area, the number of breads prepared for each has been significantly increased. We plan to expand the products we handle as soon as they are ready. The lineup and prices are as follows (all including tax).

"Croissant bread standard" 1,300 yen "Croissant bread lamb raisin" 1,500 yen "Croissant bread premium" 2,000 yen "Croissant bread 3 types set" 4,500 yen

My series "Croissant Bread Standard" and "Croissant Bread Lamb Raisin" that seem to enrich your time at home. Why don't you take this opportunity to try the bread you were interested in?