Asahi Breweries "'Wilkinson' Dry 7-ELEVEN Limited Time Seeker"

Asahi Breweries will release "'Wilkinson' Dry 7-ELEVEN Limited Time Seeker" on June 2nd. The price of a 350 ml can is 141 yen, and the price of a 500 ml can is 191 yen (both tax excluded, the same applies below). For a limited time.

"Wilkinson" Dry 7-ELEVEN uses "Wilkinson Tansan", along with "Wilkinson" Hard Nine and "Wilkinson" Highball, asahi beer's RTD (*) "highest gas pressure ever" Characterized by the exhilaration of carbonic acid.

"'Wilkinson' Dry 7-ELEVEN Limited Time Shiquasa" is a cup that does not use artificial sweeteners and has a refreshing taste with the acidity and bitterness of Shiquasa. You can enjoy a moderate drink with 7% alcohol. A fresh citrus depressa is drawn on the package, and the background color is yellow to express the taste of the citrus depressa.

In addition, a variety pack that allows you to purchase 6 "Wilkinson" Dry 7-ELEVEN at once will be released on June 2nd. In addition to the limited-time sale product "Citrus depressa", it is an assortment of 2 bottles each of "lemon" and "lemon lime".

* Abbreviation for "Ready to Drink". Refers to canned chu-hi that can be drunk as it is after purchase