"Teriyaki Spam Egg Burger" for a limited time for freshness
Teriyaki Spam Egg Burger with both Spam and Patty!

Freshness Burger is selling a new menu "Teriyaki Spam Egg Burger" for a limited time. A dish that has been changed to pumpkin buns by adding patties to the classic "spam burger".

The selling price is 420 yen (tax included). On top of the original patty, Hawaii's popular "spam" is roasted and topped with a generous amount of sweet and spicy special teriyaki sauce with jiuqu added to the secret flavor. "Fried eggs," "green curls," and "mayonnaise" are used as ingredients, and they are sandwiched between pumpkin buns that are kneaded with pumpkin.

"Teriyaki Spam Egg Burger" for a limited time for freshness
"Teriyaki Spam Egg Burger" for a limited time

US-born SPAM Classic is a canned luncheon meat made from pork shoulder and thigh meat. The slightly salty, sweet and unique flavor has been familiar to many in areas such as Hawaii for many years.

"Teriyaki Spam Egg Burger" for a limited time for freshness
This is the classic "spam burger"

Teriyaki Spam Egg Burger is characterized by the saltiness of spam, the sweetness of teriyaki sauce and pumpkin buns, and the richness of eggs and the mellowness of mayonnaise.

It is handled by Freshness Burger nationwide, but some stores are not eligible. It will not be sold at "Jungle Cafe Store", "Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Garden ZOOASIS Store", "Yokohama Stadium Store", "Kyocera Dome Osaka Store", "Fukuoka Yafuoku Dome Store", "Jingu Stadium Store", and "Rakuten Seimei Park Miyagi Store".

In addition, in order to deal with the new coronavirus infection, some stores will be closed, business hours will be changed, and some menus will be suspended. We recommend that you contact each store for details.