Seijo Ishii's fruit sour, "Plum sour" and "Amanatsu sour"

Seijo Ishii's original fruit sour, which has been popular since its launch in March of this year (2020), has been joined by two products using fruit juice from Kyushu. "Plum sour" and "Amanatsu sour" are on sale. The capacity is 350 ml and the price is 199 yen (excluding tax).

We use the materials that buyers met during the purchase in Kyushu last summer. In order to enjoy a fruity taste, the alcohol content is set to 4%, which is low, and the juice is carefully mixed.

"Plum sour" uses 20% of Kyushu plum juice. A juicy taste is pursued, and a refreshing acidity can be released with a sip. It's like sticking to a plum full of juice! The gentle stimulation of carbonic acid is comfortable and the aftertaste is refreshing.

Seijo Ishii's "Plum Sour"

20% of Kyushu sweet summer juice is used for "sweet summer sour". The fresh sweetness spreads throughout your mouth. It is the bitterness unique to Amanatsu that follows slowly afterwards. It gently tightens the taste, so even those who are not good at too sweet sour can enjoy it deliciously.

Seijo Ishii's "Amanatsu Sour"

Seijo Ishii's fruit sour is perfect for the coming season when the temperature rises. Both are recommended to be chilled and drunk.