Accure Maid "Refreshing Kawachi Bankan"

"Refreshing Kawachi Bankan" will be released on May 19th from acure made, the original beverage brand of acure, which is mainly developed in Ekinaka. It is a 280ml (9.47us fl oz) PET bottle and the price is 140 yen (tax included).

"Refreshing Kawachi Bankan" is a juice that uses 30% of Kawachi Bankan juice from Ehime prefecture. Kawachi Bankan, which grows in the warm climate of Ehime Prefecture and reaches its season around May, is also called "Japanese grapefruit", but it is a fruit with less bitterness and a refreshing sweetness than grapefruit.

"Refreshing Kawachi Bankan" is a drink that uses 30% of the juice of "Kawachi Bankan" and is finished in a taste that allows you to fully enjoy its freshness. You can enjoy the refreshing taste that is perfect for the coming season, packed with the charm of the season.

Sales points are Accure vending machines in Ekinaka, JR East, and JR East Water Business mail order. "Refreshing Kawachi Bankan" looks good when you want to refresh yourself. If you like citrus flavors, check it out!