Subway "2nd sandwich half price" campaign

The "Second Sandwich Half Price" campaign will run from May 13th to June 30th on the subway of the sandwich chain (excluding some stores). From 16:00 to closing each day. It will end as soon as it runs out.

An urgent support project for people who are experiencing a shortage of vegetables in their daily diet while health awareness is increasing due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection. If you buy the target sandwich and potato drink set, you can buy the same menu sandwich at half price. You can customize the amount of bread and vegetables, toppings, etc. with different contents, so enjoy your favorite combination.

Subway "2nd sandwich half price" campaign

All products in the store can be taken out. You can change the potato set drink S to potato S for ease of To go.

Notice from Subway

Target menu

Subway "2nd sandwich half price" campaign

・ Prosciutto ham & mascarpone
A combination of fragrant prosciutto ham smoked with wild cherry chips and smooth mascarpone.

Subway "Prosciutto & Mascarpone"

・ Shrimp avocado
The most popular menu in Japan. The strongest combination of shrimp and avocado.

Subway "Shrimp Avocado"

・ Teriyaki chicken
Chicken thighs are finished with a sweet and spicy teriyaki sauce.

Subway "Teri-yaki chicken"

Parmesan cheese enhances the flavor of bacon and semi-dried sausage.

Subway "BLT"

* Sandwiches are for regular size only (not for foot long salad)
* Cannot be used in combination with lunch set, other discount services and coupons * A set menu can be attached to the second sandwich (half price purchase) * Up to 3 sets per person per transaction