Pure coffee miniature collection

Tokyo's popular "pure coffee shop" specialty menu is now available as a capsule toy. The "Pure Cafe Miniature Collection" will be on sale at capsule toy stores, general stores, and hobby shops nationwide from late May.

The popular menu of "Jun Cafe", which retains the atmosphere of the "good old days", has been miniaturized just like the real thing. An introduction leaflet of the pure coffee shop that sells each is also included. The leaflet contains a photo of the inside of the pure coffee shop, a photo of the specialty menu that was the source of the miniature, and an introduction to the coffee shop. Help to inflate the image while watching the miniature.

In addition, a paper napkin with the store name logo of each pure coffee shop is also included. By arranging it side by side with the miniature, you can reproduce the tabletop of a pure coffee shop.

There are 5 types in the lineup. The price is 400 yen. The size varies depending on the product, but all fit within about 7 cm in length and width.

Ikebukuro "Takase Western confectionery" / Pudding a la mode

Popular menu pudding à la mode from adults to children. Reproduce the voluminous arrangement that overflows from the horizontally long plate.

Pure coffee miniature collection

Jimbocho "Sabouru" / Cream Soda

The famous colorful cream soda. All 6 types of color variations are available. Each comes with a spoon with the same color as the cream soda.

Pure coffee miniature collection

Higashi-Ginza "Cafe YOU" / Omelet Rice

Omelet rice is made over 100 meals a day. The beautifully shaped yellow omelet, the distribution of chicken rice and red ketchup that you can see a little, are reproduced close to the actual menu.

Pure coffee miniature collection

Shimbashi "Coffee Fuji" / Blended Coffee

Blended coffee from Coffee Fuji's signature menu. The colors of the pottery cups and plates with the store logo have been developed to look exactly like the real thing.

Pure coffee miniature collection

Oyama "Pinocchio" / hot cake

Round and thick pancakes with a very popular menu. A variety of accessories such as knives and forks, maple syrup saucers, etc.

Pure coffee miniature collection