To go of Hakosoba

To go sales have started on May 7 at 12 "Hakosoba" stores that are mainly located in and along the Odakyu Line station. Sales stores will be gradually expanded.

Takeaway sales menu

The target is the following 5 items. The price includes tax.

・ Cold fried noodles (soba / udon) 450 yen ・ Cold tanuki (soba / udon) 440 yen ・ Cold kitsune (soba / udon) 440 yen ・ Single item curry rice 450 yen ・ Single item katsudon 610 yen

* In the case of To go, the set pickles and soup are not included.


The stores as of May 7 are as follows.

・ Kyodo store ・ Todo store ・ Tama center east exit store ・ Shinyurigaoka store ・ Machida store ・ Ebina store ・ Honatsugi Milord store ・ Odawara store ・ Chuo Rinkan store ・ Yamato store ・ Shonandai store ・ Fujisawa store

Overview of Hakosoba
A soba chain that revolves around stations along the Odakyu Line and along the lines. For soba, boiled raw noodles and use a soup stock with a gentle soup stock. The proud kakiage is fried one by one in the store. The seasonal recommended menu may include unusual varieties that cannot be tasted at other stores. Table seats are also available, making it easy for families to use.