Coco's "Ruby Chocolate and Franboise Fair"

The "Ruby Chocolate and Franboise Fair" will be held from May 12th at each of the family restaurants "Cocos". Scheduled to end sales in late June.

"Ruby chocolate" is called the "fourth chocolate" after black, milk and white, and is characterized by its bright color like ruby and fruity sweet and sour like berry. By combining ruby chocolate and Franboise, which goes well with each other, a dessert that maximizes its charm will appear.

"Ruby chocolate & Franboise pudding a la mode" is a colorful dish with layers of ruby chocolate pudding and sauce, Franboise jelly and ice cream, chocolate ice cream and crunch, and whipped cream. Lightly sweet ruby chocolate and cool sweet and sour Franboise mariage make you feel a refreshing early summer. The texture is accented with mixed berries and chocolate crunch toppings. The price is 790 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

"Ruby chocolate and Franboise's pudding a la mode" at Coco's

The lineup includes the "Ruby Chocolate & Franboise Mini Pafe" (450 yen) combined with vanilla ice cream and the mini-sized "Ruby Chocolate & Franboise Glass Dessert" (330 yen) that is perfect after a meal. Both are gorgeously finished.

Coco's "Ruby Chocolate & Fran Boise Mini Pafe" and "Ruby Chocolate & Fran Boise Glass Dessert"

* Not available at Coco's and Yamaguchi Ube Airport stores in Toyama, Ishikawa, Fukui, Gifu, Shiga, Nara, and Kyoto prefectures.