Sapporo raw beer black label "Chiba Lotte Marines can"

Sapporo Breweries will release the black label "Chiba Lotte Marines Can" of Sapporo Breweries on May 19th. Limited quantity. The price is open. Sales areas are Chiba prefecture, Saitama prefecture, Tokyo, Kanagawa prefecture, and Ibaraki prefecture.

Sapporo Breweries is the only major beer maker to have a factory in Chiba Prefecture, and since 1999 has been supporting the team by launching the "Chiba Lotte Marines Can". This year's design is Chiba Lotte Marines' 2020 team slogan with the meaning of "Penetrate the Pacific League in 1st place! Break through CS (abbreviation of climax series) and win the best in Japan! Break through the limits!" A design with the catch phrase "Pacific League!" Printed on it.

The contents are the same as a normal black label. Alcohol content is 5%.