Pizza-La "Family Set"

The home delivery pizza "PIZZA-LA" is on sale from May 7th to June 17th, with a "family set" that saves 1,025 yen including tax. The tax-included price is 5,000 yen.

The "Family Set" is a perfect set for "Home Pizza Mitsuru", which combines two popular quarter pizzas on sale as new spring products and a variety of side menus. The pizza contains one M size each of "Exquisite Gourmet Quarter" and "Charcoal-grilled Beef Good Bari Quarter". The side menu includes 3 sets of "Triple Mix" that combines potatoes and nuggets that are popular in Pizza-La.

The details of the family set are as follows.

・ Exquisite gourmet quarter M size 1 piece
The contents are luxurious Margherita of Burrata cheese, garlic shrimp of big shrimp, mascarpone and aged salami, Teriyaki chicken.

Pizza-La "Exquisite Gourmet Quarter"

・ Charcoal-grilled beef, well-balanced quarter M size 1 piece
The contents are charcoal-grilled beef, mentaiko pizza, aged meat lover, fresh tomatoes and basil.

Pizza-La "Charcoal-grilled Beef Good Quarter"

・ Triple mix 3 sets
The contents of one set are 2 Pizza-La nuggets, 5 roasted potatoes, and 2 prosciutto cream croquettes.

Pizza-La "Triple Mix"

* Cannot be used with other sets, campaigns, coupons, discount services * Pizza type and size cannot be changed