Accure Maid "Fukushima Akatsuki Momo"

"Fukushima Akatsuki Momo" will be released on May 19th from acure made, the original beverage brand of acure, which is mainly developed in Ekinaka. The price is 180 yen (tax included) for 280 ml. The sales location is the vending machine of Accure in Ekinaka of JR East (development at innovation vending machine, Natura Cure, School Accure, Art Museum Accure, etc.).

"Fukushima Akatsuki Momo" is a 100% straight fruit juice made from the peach "Akatsuki", which is a representative variety of Fukushima prefecture. "Akatsuki" is characterized by its high sugar content and low acidity, and has a proven track record of being presented to the imperial family. "Fukushima Akatsuki Momo", which uses this fruit juice luxuriously, has gained popularity mainly on SNS in recent years because it has a "taste that makes you feel as if you are drinking the fruit itself," and is a standard product for spring and summer.

"Fukushima Akatsuki Momo" is a place where you can enjoy the delicious taste of juicy peaches. It looks good when you want to change your mood. Why don't you pick it up when you see it?