Subway "Refreshing Salad Chicken-Hyuganatsu Creamy Sauce-"

The sandwich chain "Subway" will sell "Refreshing Salad Chicken-Hyuganatsu Creamy Sauce-" for a limited time from May 13th. The price is 390 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

"Refreshing Salad Chicken ~ Setouchi Lemon Sauce ~ " released last year (2019) is the "No. 1 product in 2019 satisfaction" that more than 80% of people answered in the product satisfaction survey. This year, we have renewed the popular product with "Hyuganatsu creamy sauce," which boasts citrus acidity and fruity sweetness.

Subway Hyuganatsu scented creamy sauce

Arrange the popular salad chicken in a subway style. A bite-sized salad chicken is entwined with a fragrant basil sauce. The appetizing garlic scent and the fruity Hyuganatsu creamy sauce go well together. It has a refreshing taste that is perfect for summer.

From this time, as a new category, "Tokumori", where you can enjoy meat at a discount of 1.5 times, has appeared (excluding some stores such as stores in leisure facilities). It is a volume that will satisfy even those who are a little unsatisfied with the usual amount, and it is recommended not only for those who want to eat well, but also for those who want to take protein to build their body. The price is 460 yen.

Subway's special "Refreshing salad chicken-Hyuganatsu scented creamy sauce-"