"Limited Assortment Box" of "AUDREY"

"Limited Assortment Box" is on sale at the limited- time online shop of "AUDREY", a strawberry sweets specialty store filled with girls' love.

We were planning to sell it by May 10th, but due to an order that greatly exceeded our expectations, we changed the sales period by 15:00 on May 6th, limited to twice a day at 8:00 and 15:00. Will be sold.

The "Limited Assortment Box" to be sold is "Glaceon" with sweet and sour strawberry and milky cream wrapped in tuile, "Hello Berry" with white chocolate layered on a lovely strawberry-shaped sable, and Audrey original goods (tote bag). Or mug), etc., assorted with a total of 6,500 yen or more. The price is 5,400 yen (tax included). Limited quantity.

Since Audrey's sweets are delicate, they are packed tightly before delivery, but they may crack.

"Limited assortment BOX" of "AUDREY" that is perfect for your time at home. The popular product " Glaceon " has been eaten in the past. Check it out if you are interested!