"Black Thunder Area Limited Set" Limited quantity

Yuraku Confectionery's "Black Thunder Series" sells "Black Thunder Regional Limited Set". The sale period is until June 30th. Limited quantity. Sold on the Yuraku Confectionery mail order page.

The "Black Thunder Regional Limited Set" is a set that combines the popular Black Thunder Regional Limited Series. The "Black Thunder Area Limited Set (Large)" is 2,400 yen, and the "Black Thunder Area Limited Set (Small)" is 900 yen (both including tax).

The contents of the set are as follows.

Hokkaido Limited "White Black Thunder": Rich milk-flavored Black Thunder containing fresh cream from Hokkaido Tokyo Limited "Tokyo Black Thunder": Black Thunder with a light texture in collaboration with Tokiwado's Raikoshi. A taste that makes brown sugar a habit.
Kyoto limited "Kyoto Black Thunder": A flavorful matcha-flavored black thunder that contains two types of Uji matcha.

You can enjoy going out at home !? "Black Thunder area limited set". If you are interested, now is your chance to enjoy it at a great price ♪ Check it out as soon as possible because the quantity is limited!