Baumkuchen Expo Online Shop Open

The "Baumkuchen Expo Online Shop" will be newly established in the Juchheim Premium Online Shop. The "Ba Expo Limited Assorted Tote Bag", which was sold out in 3 minutes at the venue, is now available.

In March of this year, following the reduced holding of Kobe under the influence of Corona and the canceled holding of Hiroshima, with the theme of "Making your stay home an enjoyable home!" We plan to increase the number of brands that handle Baumkuchen. As the first step, the "Baumkuchen Limited Assorted Tote Bag" containing the popular brand Baumkuchen at the Baumkuchen Expo will be on sale from 13:00 on May 2nd.

"Baumkuchen Limited Assortment Tote Bag" is a set of 5 types of Baumkuchen in a tote bag with an illustration of Baumkuchen. This is the most popular item at the Baumkuchen Expo. Baumkuchen has different textures and tastes, and it is attractive to be able to compare them. The price is 2,160 yen (tax included, shipping not included). Five kinds of Baumkuchen from Western confectionery Villon (Tokyo), Taneya (Hiroshima), Club Harie (Shiga), Jiichiro (Shizuoka), and Juchheim (Hyogo) are packed.

"Baumkuchen Expo Online Shop" "Baumkuchen Limited Assorted Tote Bags"

At the online Baumkuchen Expo, we created a page that collects Baumkuchen from all over the country under the theme of "Make your stay home an enjoyable home in Baumkuchen!" The opening of the local Baum page that can be purchased will be announced in sequence on the Baumkuchen Expo e-mail newsletter, SNS, etc. The participating brands are as follows.

Iwate Prefecture: Bruges Plus / Miyagi Prefecture: Mush Masno Alpajon / Kanagawa Prefecture: Japanese confectionery rape blossoms / Kikunoya Confectionery / Ishikawa Prefecture: Fairy Tale Nisshindo / Yamanashi Prefecture: Patisserie The Ellen / Aichi Prefecture: Patisserie Fairine / Mie Prefecture: French orchid west confectionery Lefranc / Kyoto Prefecture: Baumkuhen Kobo CAZAN / Wakayama Prefecture: Okashi Kobo sawa / Shimane Prefecture: Mamatamago / Yamaguchi Prefecture: Town sweets shop Po Yashiro / Saga Prefecture: SHOGETSUDO (May 1, 2020) As of 17:00)