Lupicia "Honey that goes well with tea"

Introducing "honey that goes well with tea" that is perfect for tea time at home. It is sold at Lupicia, a tea shop in the world.

I bought 3 types of "Setouchi Lemon", "Kochi Yuzu" and "Tokushima Sudachi" at the online shop. Citrus juice and peel are enclosed in a jar with honey. The transparent label that makes the most of the gorgeousness of the peel is wonderful. The content is 140g (4.94oz) and the price is 780 yen each.

Lupicia "Honey that goes well with tea"

◆ Setouchi Lemon

Make your usual black tea and add honey that goes well with the tea instead of sugar. The sweetness of honey with the flavor of lemon wraps around the astringency of black tea. Finally, the scent of lemon is faint. It has a much milder taste than lemon tea made with fruit juice and pulp.

Black tea with Lupicia "honey that goes well with tea"

◆ Yuzu Kochi

It goes well with drinks other than tea. When honey is divided with unsweetened carbonic acid, the mellow sweetness spreads with bubbles that pop in the mouth. An accent with a slight bitterness peculiar to Yuzu. The refreshing and pleasant aftertaste is perfect for a change of pace.

Carbonated water with Lupicia "honey that goes well with tea"

◆ Tokushima Sudachi

It is also recommended to use it for making sweets. The sourness of sudachi makes your usual sweets refreshing. It has a refreshing sweetness and goes well with black tea. It has a fresh taste that is different from lemon tea.

Sweets with Lupicia "honey that goes well with tea"

"Honey that goes well with tea" makes tea time even more enjoyable at home. It can be used for multiple purposes, from drinks to sweets and cooking.