Choya Umeshu Umeshu Kit

The "Choya Ume Kit" is on sale at the online store of "Choya", a store specializing in plum experience in Kyoto operated by Choya Umeshu. Available for a limited time until May 6th.

The Choya Ume Kit is a product that allows you to choose your favorite plums and sugar and make your own original plum syrup or plum wine. You can choose from 5 types of plums: ripe Nanko, Ujuku, Organic Nanko, Kojo, and Purple Queen, and 5 types of sugar: rock candy, sugar beet, konpei sugar, organic agave syrup, and honey. Even beginners can easily work because they have all the materials for the amount. It is a mechanism that allows you to enjoy the experience normally offered at Choya stores at home.

The set includes a bottle (made of heat-resistant glass), plum (washed / frozen), sugar, and a recipe book (no alcohol). Three sizes are available: S, M, and L. All come with a vanity case and are suitable for gifts.

Choya Umeshu Umeshu Kit

Details are as follows. Prices do not include tax and shipping.

S size (200 ml bottle for 1 cup): 1,000-1,080 yen
M size (400 ml bottle for 3 cups): 2,000-2,240 yen
L size (700 ml bottle for 6 cups): 3,000-3,480 yen