"To go raw pasta" for Popolamama
Fresh pasta at home!

"To go raw pasta" has appeared in "Popolamama", which uses boiled raw pasta as a melon. You can boil the noodles at the store, or you can pick up the raw noodles and boil them at home.

Of course, fresh pasta is the best, and Popolamama is said to be more enjoyable for people to eat at the store, but this time, a To go menu has been created so that you can enjoy it even when you are out and refraining from eating out. The menu is, for example, "salad spinach and hanging bacon cream" for 750 yen (excluding tax and container fee). There are three ways to take it home.

(1) Cooked pasta Fresh pasta that is harder to grow than the one used in stores for To go is newly developed and used. You can boil it in the store, and you can easily enjoy it with the cooked sauce.

(2) Cooked Sauce & Raw Noodles As a gourmet gourmet, there is also a set of raw noodles and cooked sauce for those who want to boil raw noodles at home. You can enjoy the boiled and chewy texture.

(3) You can choose either original sauce, raw noodle tomato sauce, or bolognese sauce. For those who want to freely arrange and add ingredients etc. by themselves.

"To go raw pasta" for Popolamama
Various To go menus

As a campaign, all items are 10% off the menu price for a limited time. You can also order by phone during business hours. However, some stores do not sell and some stores have different menus, so it is recommended to check with the nearest store in advance.