Ministop "Tea Parfait ~ Royal Lady ~"

From Ministop, the new sweets "Happy Parfait ~ Shiratama 4 Tsubu ~" and "Tea Parfait ~ Royal Lady ~" will be released on April 28th. A product devised through the "Otsuma Management Academy" held by Otsuma Women's University from May to October 2019.

The concept of "Happy Parfait ~ Shiratama 4 Tsubu ~" is sweets that make you feel happy. Belgian chocolate mousse is layered on chocolate cookies, and "white balls that look like" four-leaf clovers "that are said to bring happiness" are topped with 4 mashed toppings and sprinkled with orange sauce. The price is 240 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Ministop "Happy Parfait ~ Shiratama 4 Whelk ~"

The concept of "Tea Parfait ~ Royal Lady ~" is sweets that you can feel the healing of afternoon tea. Black tea mousse was layered on Belgian chocolate mousse and topped with sponge dice and black tea sauce. It is a dish you want to enjoy with tea. The price is 240 yen.

Ministop "Tea Parfait ~ Royal Lady ~"

New Ministop sweets that are perfect for your time at home. It seems to be fun to eat and compare ♪