"GOODGLAS" new work "Kimono Shiba good friend set (plum)"

From the design double wall glass "GOODGLAS", the new work "Kimono Shiba Nakayoshi Set (Plum)" is on sale on the GOODGLAS JAPAN official website. It comes in 2 pieces and the price is 6,800 yen (excluding tax).

The fourth in the popular Shiba Inu series, "Kimono Shiba Inu Friendship Set (Plum)," is a set of Shiba Inu glasses designed for boys and girls. The number of production is 1,000 sets. The features of GOODGLAS are its cute design and handmade by glass craftsmen. In addition, because it is heat resistant, it also has practicality that can be used for hot drinks.

The color is clear glass on the inside and outside, and the kimono is green and red. The capacity is 250 ml (there are individual differences because it is handmade). The material is heat-resistant glass, -20 to 120 degrees.

A cute "Kimono Shiba good friend set (plum)" that is perfect as a gift. It will be a great gift for Shiba Inu lovers and dog lovers. A glass that makes tea time a little more enjoyable than usual. It's cute if you add tea or milk ♪