"Early summer Japanese sweets backorder set" online only
Early summer Japanese sweets back order set

At Kogetsu in Kyoto, an assortment of "early summer Japanese sweets backorder set" will be on sale. It will be available from April 24th to May 31st at the direct sales site and each online shopping mall.

Kogetsu "Early Summer Japanese Sweets Backorder Set"

The selling price is 3510 yen (tax included). The long-selling "Senju Senbei" and "Hana" each contain 5 new "Lemon Manju" in early summer 2020, 3 "Midoriyama Kaoru" and 4 "Rakufu" that appear in early summer every year. Compared to the usual assortment, there are more types of sweets, the number of each sweet is smaller, and you can enjoy various tastes little by little without getting tired of it.

Kogetsu "Early Summer Japanese Sweets Backorder Set"
A well-balanced mix of classic and seasonal Japanese sweets!

Golden Week 2020 will continue to have to be canceled even for those who are thinking of traveling to Kyoto. Therefore, Kogetsu devised a set that allows you to feel Kyoto without traveling.

Many Japanese sweets have a menu that reflects the feeling of the season, and many are sold only in early summer. The content has been devised so that you can enjoy the early summer of Kyoto at home and think "I want to go to Kyoto again."

In addition to the direct sales site "Kyogashi Kogetsu", you can purchase it at Rakuten Ichiba, Yahoo! Shopping, and Amazon.co.jp. In addition, since many seasonal sweets are included, it will be discontinued as soon as it is sold out.