"Plant-based cup ramen" and "organic drinks" for IKEA

"Delicious and environmentally friendly" "plant-based cup ramen" and "organic drinks" will be on sale from April 25th at the IKEA store.

"Plant-based cup ramen" is 100% plant-based (plant-derived) cup ramen. It is environmentally friendly because it does not use palm oil, and the noodles are non-fried, so the calories are low, and it is rare for cup ramen, and it is finished without using any chemical seasonings. There are two types of flavors, vegetable-based salty (190 yen) and curry (250 yen).

"Plant-based cup ramen" for IKEA
Vegetable-based salty taste on the left, curry taste on the right

"Organic drinks" are juices made with organic ingredients and no additives. All products are organic JAS certified products and no additives are used, so you can enjoy the natural taste as it is. "Organic ginger ale" using domestic organic ginger (150 yen), "organic apple juice" (150 yen) with 100% organic apple juice, 350 g of 20 kinds of vegetables (348 g for green and yellow vegetables) concentrated in one can " "Organic vegetable juice" (200 yen) is now available. * All prices include tax

"Organic drinks" for IKEA
From the left, ginger ale, apple juice, vegetable juice