Burger King "Deluxe Onion Ring Wapper"
Deluxe onion ring wapper

At each Burger King store, "Deluxe Onion Ring Wapper" for short, "Dera Oni" will be on sale from April 24th as the third in the "Deluxe Wapper" series (excluding some stores). The price is 890 yen (tax included, same below).

The Deluxe Wapper series boasts the largest volume in the Burger King menu. A voluminous whopper with a variety of flavors rushing into the juicy moment when you take a bite. So far, the first "Dera Chiki (Deluxe Chicken Wapper)" and the second "Dera Hash (Deluxe Hash Brown Wapper)" have been released.

The new deluxe onion ring whopper is a juicy, direct-fired 100% beef patty layered with a crispy "juwa sweet" onion ring and seasoned with the original BBQ sauce. .. In addition, 4 smoky bacon, 4 cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion with pickles of taste accents are sandwiched with toasted sesame buns.

At the same time, a slightly smaller size "Deluxe Onion Ring Wapper Jr." will be released. The price is 690 yen.

Burger King "Deluxe Onion Ring Wapper"
Deluxe Onion Ring Wapper Jr.

In addition, Burger King recommends "half-cut" as a way to taste the deluxe whopper containing delaoni. If you order half-cut when ordering, the whopper will be cut in half and provided. This makes it easy to hold a burger, and you can eat it from the center, which is juicy and full of gravy.

Burger King "Deluxe Onion Ring Wapper"
Half-cut image