To go limited 500 yen "Seafood bowl" & "Butadon" is the connoisseur Ginji

To go limited menus "One Coin", "Seafood Bowl" and "Butadon" will be available from April 21st at some of the Monte Rosa Group izakaya "Ginji Connoisseur", "Yokohama Uoman" and "Hamayaki Hokkaido Uoman". It is on sale until the 30th of March.

"Kaisendon" and Tokachi's specialty "Butadon", which you can't easily taste at home, are on sale for 500 yen (tax included, same below) for To go only. There are three types of seafood bowls: "Tuna Three Kinds Bowl", "Tuna Tataki Salmon Bincho Bowl", and "Omakase Seafood Bowl". As for the pork bowl, one kind of "Tokachi specialty pork bowl" is prepared.

To go limited 500 yen "Seafood bowl" & "Butadon" is the connoisseur Ginji

In addition, we are also holding a To go menu of izakaya snacks, "A further profitable campaign by ordering two items," in the hope that you will be able to enjoy drinking at home as much as possible. If you purchase two eligible 300 yen snacks at the same time, you will get a discount of 500 yen for the two (limited to the same product). Buy 3 items for 800 yen, buy 4 items for 1,000 yen. Orders are accepted by phone.

Connoisseur Ginji "More profitable campaign by ordering 2 items"
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The snack menus that are eligible for the discount are as follows.

Young chicken Zangi chicken fried thigh skewers (3)
Fried octopus Traditional potato fries Satsuma-age with shirasu Lots of omelet fried menta potato salad

It may be closed depending on the store. For more information and retail stores, please check the dedicated site.