Pablo mini "PABLO mini - Luxury Pistachio
The green is bright to the eye.

Pablo Mini Cheese Tart "PABLO mini - Luxury Pistachio

Freshly baked cheese tart specialty store PABLOmini will release a palm-sized small cheese tart "PABLO mini - Luxury Pistachio" on May 1.

PABLO mini-Luxury Pistachio" is a cheese tart with a rich pistachio flavor, perfect for the fresh green season. The crispy tart is filled with plain cheese dough and baked until slightly browned. The cheese tart is then topped with a softly squeezed cream mixture of Italian pistachio paste and white chocolate, and finished with a sprinkling of roasted pistachios.

Pablo mini "PABLO mini - Luxury Pistachio
Cheese and pistachio marriage

The dense and mellow aroma of pistachio cream goes perfectly with the rich cheese tart. The size is approximately 6.5 cm in diameter. Priced individually at 300 yen (tax included), the tart will be on sale until May 31. Stores that are closed during the sales period will begin sales as soon as they reopen for business.