Eric South Curry

The Indian restaurant "Erick South" operated at Tokyo Station Yaesu Underground Shopping Mall, Tokyo Garden Terrace, Nagoya Station KITTE, etc. has started mail-order sales as "House de Eric South" in earnest.

Increased the production capacity of central kitchen equipment and gathered staff in charge of cooking at stores who are refraining from doing business. The restaurant's standard menus such as curry, biryani, and chicken tikka are cooked in shifts. The finished dish is packed in a pack and frozen before delivery. You can easily enjoy the spicy flavor of the restaurant by boiling it in hot water or heating it in the microwave.

In addition to selling individual items such as curry and biryani, we also offer the "7 kinds of curry pack" where you can enjoy the taste of various standard curries, and the "paraety pack" which is a set of curry and popular chicken biryani. Large-capacity commercial packs are also available.

Product examples are as follows.

7 kinds of curry pack for curry lovers 4,200 yen (tax included, shipping included)

Eric South Curry

A set where you can eat and compare 7 types of curry.
Contents: Eric chicken curry, premium chicken curry, honey butter chicken curry, coconut keema curry, pork bindaloo curry, green pepper lamb curry, black pepper beef curry (200g (7.05oz) each)
Bonus: Handmade Chai Kit

Variety pack 4,000 yen (tax included, shipping included)

Eric South Curry

A great value set that includes 3 types of popular curry and rice and side dishes.
Contents: Eric chicken curry, coconut keema curry, butter chicken curry (200g (7.05oz) each), chicken biryani (300g (10.58oz)), basmati rice (240g (8.47oz)), lemon rice (240g (8.47oz)), tandoori chicken tikka (150g (5.29oz))