Japanese sweets of "Strawberry Rilakkuma" and "Strawberry Kiiroitori" at Lawson
"Strawberry Rilakkuma" and "Strawberry Kiiroitori" are now Japanese sweets!

At Lawson, Japanese sweets "Rilakkuma 2020 Strawberry Rilakkuma" and "Rilakkuma 2020 Strawberry Kiiroitori" in the shape of "Rilakkuma" and "Kiiroitori" will be on sale from April 28th. Each is a cute "neri-kiri" with strawberries on it.

The selling price is 285 yen (tax included) per piece. Bandai's "Eating Mascot" character Japanese confectionery "Eating Trout" series new work. The lovely design is that "Strawberry Rilakkuma" wearing a strawberry hood and "Strawberry Kiiroitori", which has become a whole body strawberry in a costume, are facing this side. We are particular about the bright red color of strawberries and the chubby outline.

Lawson "Eating Trout Rilakkuma 2020 Strawberry Rilakkuma"
Eating trout Rilakkuma 2020 Strawberry Rilakkuma

All the parts such as the cute faces and round eyes of Rilakkuma are expressed by kneading Japanese sweets. The bean paste inside is Rilakkuma's favorite pudding flavor (Rilakkuma) and strawberry flavor (Kiiroitori). It is a popular flavor for children of all ages, and its moist texture is also attractive.

Lawson "Eating Trout Rilakkuma 2020 Strawberry Kiiroitori"
Eating trout Rilakkuma 2020 Strawberry Kiiroitori

The mascot-like appearance is also recommended for posting on SNS. Due to the limited quantity, sales will end as soon as they are sold out. It is handled at Lawson nationwide except for some, but "Lawson Store 100" is not applicable. In addition, the handling date may differ depending on the store.

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