From Tenkaippin, home-use ramen "Iemen"
Home noodles (mix)

Home-use ramen "Iemen" has been renewed and sold from April 20th from Tenkaippin, a chain specializing in Chinese noodles. Official online shop " WEB stand " and take-out sales at stores (excluding some stores).

"Iemen" is a ramen that was developed with the concept of "making the taste of Tenkaippin more delicious at home, without the hassle of cooking and cleaning up." You can enjoy the most popular "rich soup" in the store and the "light soup" that pursues richness and umami at home.

From Tenkaippin, home-use ramen "Iemen"
Thick soup

From Tenkaippin, home-use ramen "Iemen"
Light soup

Until now, you needed a pot to heat the soup and a pot to boil the noodles, and two pots, but with the improvement of the noodles and the development of stewed noodles exclusively for take-out, it is now possible to cook easily in one pot. became. In addition, "light soup" can be arranged by boiling vegetables and meat together. It is easy to eat even for children and elderly people.

The price is 756 yen (tax included, same below) for one person [with ingredients] and 656 yen [without ingredients] for over-the-counter sales. However, the price varies depending on the store. In the case of WEB stalls, a 4-meal set is 3,030 yen and a 6-meal set is 4,160 yen. In addition, set products are also available.