Kenta "GW pack" and "choco pie"

"GW (Golden Week) Pack" and "Choco Pie" will be released on April 22 at each Kentucky Fried Chicken store (excluding some stores).

The "GW pack" is a great value pack that includes the new "choco pie" in addition to the three popular KFC menus "original chicken," "potato," and "kernel crispy." Choco pie is a crispy black cocoa pie crust that wraps chocolate cream with a smooth texture. Menu that is baked and served at the store.

The prices are as follows (all including tax).

・ GW pack 1,500 yen
Set contents: 3 pieces of original chicken, 2 pieces of potato S, 2 pieces of kernel crispy, 2 pieces of choco pie

・ Choco pie 230 yen
You can purchase as many as you like for 180 yen each by purchasing with the GW pack at the same time.

Kenta "choco pie"

・ Set with choco pie drink 330 yen
Set contents: choco pie, drink M

A chance to enjoy Kenta's original chicken and the new choco pie at a great price! It's a pack that seems to make your home time a little fun ♪