FamilyMart "Pakitto Choco & Cookie Sandwich"
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We have compiled a list of new arrival sweets that will be on sale from April 21st at each FamilyMart store. Here are 7 items in the lineup that you are interested in, such as "Pakitto chocolate bar & cookie sandwich" with a pleasant texture.

* The handling status of each product varies depending on the region and store.

・ Tiramisu Dorayaki 198 yen (tax included, same below)

FamilyMart "Tiramisu Dorayaki"

Western-style dorayaki with coffee mousse and tiramisu cream rolled up softly with dorayaki dough. It is topped with cocoa powder. Uses tiramisu cream blended with Hokkaido mascarpone.

・ Bright red strawberry almond tofu 238 yen

FamilyMart "Red Strawberry Annin Tofu"

A refreshing cup sweet that combines strawberry with almond tofu that melts smoothly and melts in your mouth. Annin tofu is characterized by its milky texture using Hokkaido milk.

・ Crispy chocolate bar & cookie sandwich 168 yen

FamilyMart "Pakitto Choco & Cookie Sandwich"

Sweets with milk-flavored cream sandwiched between cocoa-flavored cookies and chocolate bar. You can enjoy the crispy texture of chocolate bar and the crispy texture of cookies.

・ Double shoe with plenty of cream 149 yen

FamilyMart "Double shoe with plenty of cream"

A cream puff that has been renewed to make the egg feeling of custard cream and the milky taste of whipped cream more sensational.

・ Ohayo Ricco Rich Chocolate Monaka Special 238 yen

FamilyMart "Ohayo Ricco Rich Pavé Chocolate Monaka Special"

Chocolate ice cream filled with dice-cut raw chocolate and cacao scent is sandwiched with cocoa monaka. Belgian couverture is used for raw chocolate. Uses Western liquor (alcohol content less than 0.5%). Limited to FamilyMart, limited quantity.

・ Satisfied with Glico! Chocolate mint cookie sandwich 178 yen

FamilyMart "Glico Fully Satisfied! Chocolate Mint Cookie Sandwich"

A bitter-tasting chocolate cookie with a refreshing mint ice cream sandwiched in it. The ice cream contains two types of chocolate: chocolate with a crispy texture (kneaded chocolate) and chocolate with a crispy texture (vertical chocolate). Limited to FamilyMart, limited quantity.

・ Ohayo Melonpan Ice Cream 216 yen

FamilyMart "Ohayo Melonpan Ice"

Melon bread ice cream with buttery cookie shoe and rich custard ice cream. The butteriness has improved and it has become even more delicious. Limited to FamilyMart, limited quantity.