"Kairikiya" ramen can be taken home for one coin!
Ramen Kairikiya is a one-coin To go!

"To go ramen" for To go that can be ordered with one coin at Kyoto Kitashirakawa ramen "Kairikiya" is now available. Limited time until April 30th.

Support measures for people who are burdened with preparing meals at home, such as school closures and working from home as a measure to control the spread of new coronavirus infection. The signature product of Kairikiya, "Special Soy Sauce Ramen," will be sold as "Takeaway Ramen."

Noodles, soup, and ingredients are included in the set, and you can cook at home just by preparing a hot pot, and you can enjoy the taste of Ramen Kairikiya hot. In addition, you can buy toppings with you, such as a menu that combines grilled rice that goes well with ramen and a set with dumplings, and a soft-boiled egg.

In addition, Kairikiya will continue to have a 20% off To go campaign. At some stores, you can get discounts on fried chicken, dumplings, and fried rice.

"Kairikiya" ramen can be taken home for one coin
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The target single item, set menu and price are as follows. All notations include tax.

・ To go ramen (special soy sauce ramen, usually 650 yen → 500 yen)
・ Grilled rice set (normal) (normally 1,150 yen → 800 yen)
・ Grilled rice set (large) (normally 1,250 yen → 880 yen)
・ Gyoza set (6 pieces) (normally 930 yen → 720 yen)
・ Fried chicken set (5 pieces) (normally 1,100 yen → 830 yen)

The toppings are 100 yen each for "soft-boiled egg," "white onion," "vegetable," "glue," "menma," "bean sprout," and "corn." Char siu is 200 yen.

If the number of orders at each store exceeds expectations and there is a shortage of ingredients and To go packaging materials, it will be out of stock. Also, during the peak lunch hours from 11:30 to 13:30, it may take some time from ordering to delivery.

In addition, some stores are not eligible. Specifically, "Mihara store" "Mobara store" "AEON MALL Rinku Sennan store" "AEON MALL Kobe Minami store" "AEON MALL Kisarazu store" "AEON MALL Kisarazu store" "AEON MALL Tamadaira no Mori store" "AEON MALL It will not be held at "Urawamien store" and "AEON MALL Musashi Murayama store".

In addition, the sales period may change depending on the operational status of the store. We recommend that you check the latest information on the official website of Ramen Kairikiya.