"Strawberry throat lozenge with Fueki Amaou juice" and "Fueki Mentaiko sprinkle"

Fukuoka-only "Fueki-kun" with a cute pink hat will be on sale online from April 17th to May 6th as a "going out self-restraint support project". There are two types of candy you can buy: " Strawberry throat lozenge with Fueki Amaou juice " and " Fueki Mentaiko sprinkle".

"Fueki Amaou Fruit Juice Strawberry Throat Lozenge" is a collaboration of starch glue "Fueki Animal Glue" in Fueki-kun's container and "Amaou" strawberry throat lozenge sold by Pine Co., Ltd. There is plenty of fruity throat lozenges filled with the deliciousness of strawberries in the Fukuoka-only pink hat Fueki-kun container.

Strawberry throat lozenge with Fueki Amaou juice

There are two lineups, a big size with 24 grains (900 yen, tax not included, the same applies below) and a regular size with 8 grains (500 yen).

On the other hand, "Fueki Mentaiko Furikake" is a Fukuoka-only mentaiko sprinkle that appeared in the "Fueki Nori Furikake" series. The price is 600 yen.

Fueki Mentaiko Sprinkle