Ministop "Halo-halo Fruit Ice Strawberry"
This year is also the halo-halo season

At each Ministop store, the popular summer sweet "Halo-halo" will be released this year as well. From April 17th, the first "Fruit Ice Strawberry", "Cracking Grape" and "Ramune" will be on sale.

Halo-halo is the 25th anniversary of its release in 1995. This product is a typical Filipino shaved ice arranged for Japanese people. It features a crispy texture using "pure ice" that has been slowly frozen for 24 hours or more to remove impurities. You can enjoy the harmony of this pure ice, frozen fruit, and Ministop's signature product "Soft Cream Vanilla".

"Halo-halo fruit ice strawberry" is a halo-halo "fruit ice series" that uses sliced frozen fruits instead of ice. Strawberries with moderate acidity are combined with condensed milk flavored syrup and "soft serve vanilla". By increasing the flavor and sweetness of condensed milk this year, it goes well with the acidity of strawberries. The price is 348 yen (tax included, same below).

Ministop "Halo-halo Fruit Ice Strawberry"
Halo halo fruit ice strawberry

"Halo-halo crackling grape" is finished by sprinkling 5 large grapes and grape syrup evenly on the ice and topped with crackling candy. You can feel as if you are drinking a carbonated drink, which pops in your mouth. The price is 343 yen.

Ministop "Halo-halo crackling grape"
Halo halo crackling grape

"Halo-halo Ramune" is a standard flavor that has been sold every year since the first appearance of Halo-halo in 1995. The refreshing and refreshing taste and bright blue make you feel early summer. The price is 289 yen.

Ministop "Halo-halo Ramune"
Halo-halo ramune

Also, on May 1st, the second "Halo-halo Fruit Ice White Peach" will be released. Halo-halo with sliced frozen fruit instead of ice. By adding syrup using white peach juice from Yamanashi prefecture to thinly sliced white peach, it has a sweet yet refreshing aftertaste. The price is 348 yen.

Ministop "Halo-halo Fruit Ice White Peach"
Halo halo fruit ice white peach