Marugame Seimen "Uma Spicy Tantan Udon"
Udon noodles

At each Marugame Seimen store, the popular "Uma Shintan Tantan Udon" is on sale from April 23 to early June (excluding some stores). Prices start at 670 yen (tax included).

Marugame Seimen "Uma Spicy Tantan Udon"

"Uma Spicy Dandan Udon" is a Japanese-style menu of popular Tantan noodles. The soup, which is often entwined with freshly made and raw glutinous noodles, is finished so that you can feel the rich flavor of white kelp drawn from Hokkaido kelp and multiple bonito flakes, and the rich and mellow taste of sesame. The ingredients are chicken and pork soboro, which gives you a sense of flesh, and spinach, which adds color. It also features bonito powder and chili oil that tighten the soup.

Chicken and pork soboro is a combination of minced chicken and pork, and is scented with soy sauce, ginger, and garlic. It is baked well and then seasoned to finish. The soboro and soup, which are juicy and have the taste of meat, are entwined with the noodles, and the chopsticks go on.

Topped with "Sesame" for more sesame flavor, "Shichimi" for those who want stimulation, "Onsen tamago" for those who want mellowness, and "Tenkasu" for crispy texture. Recommended to do. Enjoy arranging according to the mood of the day.

In addition, "Beef Torotama Udon" will also be on sale. Prices start at 690 yen (tax included).

Marugame Seimen "Beef Torotama Udon"
Beef Torotama Udon

A cup of sweet and spicy stewed beef, onions, tororo, and hot spring eggs that are often entwined with chewy noodles. Beef finished with a special soy sauce-based sauce and onions with a deep sweetness soaked in the umami and fat of the beef go well with the elastic noodles.