Hotto Motto "Karaage Bento"

At each Hotto Motto store, "Karaage Bento" and "Spicy Karaage Bento" with renewed texture and seasoning will be released on April 23.

The new "Karaage Bento" is made from brewed soy sauce and garlic, and is soaked in a sauce that gives the flavor of grated ginger. The batter has also been improved to a crispy texture, with a solid seasoning and a tailoring that goes well with rice. The price is 390 yen (tax included, same below).

Hotto Motto "Karaage Bento"
Kara bento

On the other hand, "Spicy Karaage Bento" is made by frying chopped green onions in oil, then topping them, and then sprinkling them with "spicy sauce". Based on miso, in addition to the umami of grated garlic and sesame oil and the spiciness of gochujang and chili peppers, the spicy sauce finished with fruit juice is said to be addictive to the pungent spiciness that sweat oozes on the forehead. The price is 470 yen.

Hotto Motto "Spicy to fried lunch"
From spicy to fried lunch

In addition, the "Tokukara fried lunch" (490 yen), which contains 6 karaage, the "chicken basket" (590 yen), which contains 10 karaage, and the "spicy fried" 6 pieces "Specially spicy to fried lunch" (570 yen) is also available.

In addition, you can change both "Karaage Bento" and "Spicy Karaage Bento" to "Plus Veggie" which is a combination of colorful cup salad with corn for an additional 100 yen.