Sui Cover & Melon Bergmi

Summer classic ice cream "Sui Cover" and "Melon Bar" are now available as gummy candies! "Watermelon & Melon Bergmi" will be released from Lotte on April 21st.

Watermelon & Melon Bergmi

Two types of assorted gummy that reproduce the taste and shape of the summer classic ice cream "Sui Cover" and "Melon Bar". Gummy candies are coated with powder so that they can be eaten deliciously at room temperature or frozen.

Watermelon gummy contains 5% watermelon juice, and Melonbergmi contains 5% melon juice (both are converted to fresh juice). It is a gummy that you can enjoy both in appearance and taste.

Each bag contains 73g (2.57oz), and the estimated price is around 180 yen (excluding tax). Pre-sale at convenience stores and station shops.

What is Sui Cover

The watermelon is an ice lolly that looks like a cut watermelon. Red watermelon ice cream with watermelon juice and green ice cream that imitates the skin are combined, and chocolate puffs that look like seeds are mixed. Released in 1986, it is still a popular long-selling item. The hippopotamus character depicted on the package is called "Sukaba-kun".