PaPiCO x Rilakkuma collaboration

Long-selling ice cream "Papico" collaborates with popular character "Rilakkuma". The "Papico x Rilakkuma 2 Co-op Campaign" will be held from April 20th, where two original Rilakkuma puppets will win 1,000 people by lottery.

The outline is as follows.

Campaign name

PaPiCO x Rilakkuma 2 Co-Campaign


PaPiCO's original Rilakkuma Rilakkuma set of 2 Rilakkuma dressed in the image of PaPiCO's "choco coffee" package design and Korilakkuma dressed in the image of "White Sour" package design. Each is a puppet with a pocket, and you can put a papico in that pocket and grab it while eating.

PaPiCO x Rilakkuma collaboration
Image of "chocolate coffee"

PaPiCO x Rilakkuma collaboration
Image of "white sour"


All PaPiCO products sold at stores (excluding "Smile Plus +" PaPiCO)
You can apply for one unit of three bag-type PaPiCOs, and one unit for one box-type multi-type PaPiCO.

PaPiCO x Rilakkuma collaboration
If it is a type with 2 bottles, 3 products will be 1 unit

PaPiCO x Rilakkuma collaboration
One box for family type

Application method

WEB application: Take a picture of the purchase receipt for the required number of target products and apply from the campaign site.
Postcard application: Apply by attaching the purchase receipts for the required number of target products to the postcard. The mailing address is 530-0043 Japan Post Co., Ltd. Osaka Temmabashi Post Office Glico "Papico x Rilakkuma 2 Co-Campaign".

Application period

April 20, 2020-July 19, 23:59 (Postcard applications are postmarked on the day)